I present & run workshops on mental health and art, with a particular interest in gender, politics and social action, and service user involvement and co-production. Below are some examples of presentations I have given or will give in the near future. You are welcome to use extracts from the presentations, but please contact me beforehand to let me know that you are doing so, and reference my website as the source.

If you would like to get in touch about arranging training or speaking, please email rachelrowanolive@gmail.com

22 Jan 2019: Feminist critiques of BPD: presentation for the Mental Health Police Research Unit

1 June 2018: InPractice at the Royal Academy of Arts: presentation of my artwork & practice. Click here to view presentation slides & text.

5 June 2018: “Square People in Round Roles”: an illustrated discussion of problems and possibilities for service user involvement and leadership. Presentation at Middlesex University’s MHProud conference. Click here to view slides.

12 June 2018: “The ABC of mental health”: full day art workshop with Trainee Clinical Psychologists at the University of Essex.

12 July 2018: “Attack of the Acronyms”, UCL MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences student-led conference. Click here to view slides